Our Mission

To make it possible for everyone to enjoy pure, simple, real food that’s good for you and tastes good.

To help realize our mission, 18 Rabbits donates 1% for Kids: We donate 1% of all of the bars we make to programs and partners that serve kids affected by food insecurity in our community. We work with great organizations like Second Harvest and the San Francisco Food Bank.

The 18 Rabbits Manifesto

At 18 Rabbits we make our granola from scratch, using homemade recipes and wholesome real ingredients from farmers we know by name. We make it real so that you can feel good about what you’re eating.

We make our bars from our granola and we don’t put anything in our granola that you wouldn’t want to put in your body. We use real pieces of fruit, nuts and seeds. We use real coconut, cacao nibs and chocolate for extra texture and sweetness.

Why do we do this?

Because we believe that everyone deserves to eat pure delicious food that is not only good for you – that tastes good too. We believe in not settling. We believe in exceeding your expectations of what healthy tastes like.

We believe good-for-you food can be convenient and more than just a bite to tide you over until your next meal. We believe it can be an experience that harkens back to a favorite childhood memory of something your mom made for you.

Most of all, we do what we do simply because we love good food. And we especially love the idea of sharing it with all of you.

–Alison, Blackjack & The 18 Rabbits Team


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