My Story

alisonbagIt all started down a gravel road in Farmers Branch, Texas, in the kitchen of Two Lost Valley Lane. I liked to play outside with my four brothers and sisters and our rabbit, Blackjack, while Mom watched from the kitchen, where she made her special granola.
On days Mom made granola, the aroma of oats, coconut, honey and nuts wafted through the house and out the windows, and we’d all leave off playing and head inside. One day we ran off and forgot Blackjack, leaving her to a romantic rendezvous with the wild rabbit just beyond the fence. Soon she had a family of 18, and our back yard was hopping with an abundance of rabbits, kids and the delicious smell of Mom’s home made granola.
It was that magical, childhood moment that inspired me to create 18 Rabbits Granola – because I believe everyone deserves to enjoy pure, nutritious food made from real ingredients that tastes great. I based the recipe for Gracious Granola on Mom’s original and began experimenting and innovating with new granola and bar recipes from there.
My goal at 18 Rabbits is to empower you with real nourishment and pure food enjoyment. To surprise you with unique and surprising taste combinations like chocolate and cherry or mango, strawberry and pumpkin seeds to satisfy even the most demanding foodie. To make convenient, wholesome food that’s both healthy and delicious. I hope you enjoy eating our food as much as I love making it for you.
Alison Bailey Vercruysse

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